The Coaching Team

Neil Adams MBE


Effective Fighting

Neil Adams MBE is the World renowned 8th Dan Judoka who takes Martial Arts to a higher level.

He has won many medals and competitions, including World Championships in 1981 and two Olympic Silver medals in Moscow 1980, and Los Angeles in 1984. He has been Olympic Coach for Great Britain and  Belgium and has now created a progressive, international coach education company, Neil Adams Effective Fighting.

He has now turned his expert hand to aiding those up and coming martial artists, providing technical advice and expertise on an individual basis.

Mr Adams’ goal is to provide an arena for every level of martial artist where they can gain technical knowledge and insight in an individual environment as well as on a competitive platform.

Wayne Lakin


Wayne’s Site

Bullied from an early age, Wayne took up judo at the age of 8, winning the amateur Judo Association and British Judo Councils National Championships. It worked and with the bulling stopped Wayne wanted to take Judo to the next level. He was invited to train at the prestigious Neil Adams Centre of Excellence where he trained full time for over 10 years, winning the Commonwealth and British Titles.

Needing to fund the Judo Wayne worked “The Door” for around 12 years whilst also qualifying as a personal trainer.

Wayne is now a full time Judo coach and personal trainer in the East Midlands.

Nathan Leverton

photo cred: Gen Leverton
photo cred: Gen Leverton

Leicester Shootfighters

Coach Nathan Leverton was one of Europe’s first Mixed Martial Arts instructors and his teaching has been sought out by the continent’s top fighters.

With over 20 years experience in martial arts he has trained many combat sport competitors including multiple UFC and The Ultimate Fighter veterans, British and World MMA champions, and British and European grappling champions.

He has cornered 100s of MMA fights in countries as far apart as America and Abu Dhabi, including 10 UFC bouts.

Nathan has also written for and been featured in many publications including Men’s Fitness, Fighter’s Only, Fighting Fit, Your MMA, MMA Unlimited and Martial Arts Illustrated magazines.

He is Head Coach of the Leicester Shootfighters team and founder of Leverage Submission Grappling, a hybrid grappling style drawing from multiple martial arts that he has taught in seminars around the UK and US.

Rosi Sexton


Rosi’s Website

Rosi ‘The Surgeon’ Sexton is a professional Mixed Martial Artist, fighting for Cage Warriors Fighting Championships (CWFC), a fully qualified Osteopath and writer.

Rosi also holds a maths degree from Cambridge University and a PhD in theoretical computer science from Manchester and was a classical pianist.

Rosi  trained in various martial arts including Taekwon-do, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. Her first fight was in 2002, and since then she has fought for several of the major MMA organisations, including becoming the UK’s first female fighter to sign with the UFC in April 2014. Rosi is happy to be back fighting for CWFC at flyweight with a current record of 13-4.

Roli Delgado


Roli’s Legal Leg Locks
Westside MMA

An asthmatic ectomorph Roli never really excelled at team sports as a child.

In spite of a limited lung capacity and lack of athleticism he found a passion for BJJ and MMA and wen ton to achieve victories in both UFC and bellator.

Finding a niche with leg locks for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Roli, has trained several of the sports’ world champions as well as having taught seminars in Brazil and Europe.

When Roli isn’t traveling for seminars or promoting his leg lock APP he is training a small stable of MMA fighters and BJJ competitors in Little Rock, AR.

Mike Leng


Unorthodox Nutrition

Michael Leng is the owner of Unorthodox Nutrition, specialising in helping combat athletes function to their very best through smart, free thinking nutrition. Mike consults with athletes right from grass level shows to UFC fighters, world champions and Premiership footballers.

Mike is a passionate weight lifter and grappling athlete, loving everything to do with the iron or mat. Aditonally he is a frequent contributor to several major fitness publications and websites