The Books

FoxGloves is combining the combat sports expertise of Leicester Shootfighters with small press Fox Spirit Books to bring you the training manuals and more that your shelves have been waiting for. We have some amazing titles coming out over the next couple of years.

The final titles will be confirmed nearer the release dates along with art work.

Technical Manuals

Nathan Leverton will be writing an in depth study and technical manual on the rear naked choke hold, one of the most successful submissions in grappling and MMA.

Wayne Lakin will be focussing on transitions for grappling. Coming from a Judo background this is a key area often neglected in MMA and the manual seeks to plug the gap. It doesn’t matter how good your throws are if you can’t take advantage of them.


Rosi Sexton will be addressing the transition into pro fighting. How to deal with camp, making weight, the press, the travel, the business. This toolkit for coping with becoming a pro fighter will condense a wealth of experience into an essential guide for fighters making the move.

Roli Delgado, the leading name in leg locks will be bringing his expertise to FoxGloves putting some of his techniques into a manual on legal leglocks for BJJ, essential in any form of grappling. Roli will also take a look at the development of the rules for IBJJF competition.

Mike Leng of Unorthodox Nutrition has worked with numerous MMA fighters and grapplers including Rosi Sexton and will be working with Rosi on a handbook for female competitors looking to get into top fighting form. With a focus on preparing to compete with will be a great guide for any female athlete looking to maintain fitness and condition while cutting weight.


The Biographies

Nathan Leverton’s collection of essays will draw upon his 25 years in martial arts. In addition to being an entertaining read this will be an insight into the world of professional fighting from a coach who has been all over the world with a stable of professional fighters. Nathan’s articles have been featured in numerous magazines including Fighters Only, MAI and Men’s Fitness.

Wayne Lakin’s autobiography will cover his journey in Judo from a bullied kid through his doorman days and his commonwealth competitions through to being an established coach helping guide the next generation of Judo players. In this witty and honest look at his journey Wayne will explore what Judo has meant to him and the importance of martial arts.

There are more books under discussion so do check back.