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New signing : Mike Leng

If you have ever tried to find decent nutritional advice as a woman you will have probably come across the following issues:

All the serious nutrition/fitness books for martial artists are by men and focussed on men.
Womens magazines, even the supposed fitness ones seem to think all we are interested in is bikini bodies, fake tans and cute training gear.
Most of the ‘serious nutrition’ articles are basically ads for some diet system or other and have no relevence for anyone who is focussed on health and fitness.

It’s an issue because while there is a lot of good nutritional advice out there, it’s hard to pick out amongst everything else and very little of it takes women into acocunt at all.

We have good news!

FoxGloves are joining forces with the powerhouse writing team of Rosi Sexton and Mike Leng of Unorthodox Nutrition who specialises in female fighters. This writing pair will be bringing out a book on nutrition aimed at women who train.


Whether you are cutting for a professional fight, looking to improve your training or just want to get your eating sorted out this will be the book you need!

We are delighted to welcome Mike Leng and Unorthodox Nutrition to the FoxGloves team.